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Your average tap has $50 in unaccounted loss per month.

BruVue starts at $10 per tap per month.



Eliminate loss with real-time inventory

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Why should you use BruVue?

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How it works.

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Minimalist Hardware

Our easy-to-install device tracks every ounce from your taps.  Simply drop the BruVue devices onto your taps and register them on your smartphone.

Patents pending.



Intuitive Software

Our cloud based software can be accessed from any tablet, smartphone or computer. You can manage multiple venues from anywhere in the world.  Utilize our dashboard to keep a behind the scenes pulse on your key metrics.





Powerful Results

Through the collection of real time pour data, the BruVue system delivers insightful reporting and metrics to help shape smarter decision making, monitor employee usage, eliminate keg lifting, and increase sales. 

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Install is Easy!

1. Receive your sensors in the mail

2. Plug in your gateway

3. Drop the sensors on your faucets

4. Set your lineup on your smartphone  

That’s awesome! Seeing the keg levels in real time is a big time saver
— President, Regional Miller Distributor
I have to plan my budget around my draft beer loss, this will definitely help
— Bar Manager, The Burntwood Tavern



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