Validate the right product for each tap handle to optimize profit


How often do you have to scrap old inventory, or worse, not have enough beer to meet demand?

Get the most accurate forecasting for when to brew your next batch.


BruVue keeps track of inventory and brew performance, automatically.

A bird eye's view of everything that matters.


Save time. Reduce costs. Delight customers.

How does BruVue work?


The BruVue Sensors

Each BruVue sensor drops onto any tap seamlessly. Each sensor provides real-time keg levels and the data you need to start detecting foaming at the taps and match actual pours with paid pours at your point of sale system.

Reduce down time - Our sensitive, patent-pending technology enables real-time inventory tracking of keg levels

Match actual pours to sold beers - Reduce waste and theft of unsold beer

Minimize waiting - Real-time inventory puts an end to the unforeseen kicked keg

Risk-free investment - No need to purchase bulky scales or expensive flow meters; simply pay by the month

BruVue Dashboard PNG.png

The BruVue App

Start tracking data immediately from your mobile device or laptop. Tracking inventory is as easy as tapping a button.

Manage multiple locations from app - Get real-time keg levels anywhere at any time

On-deck keg system - Set your lineup ahead of time with a simple click on your smartphone

Expedite order sheets - Real-time inventory of all in-stock kegs allow you to know exactly what you need to order

Displays on your TVs - Allow patrons to join in the fun with current keg-levels and availability

Set the perfect lineup - Personalized reports give insight into your most popular brews


Pricing for Breweries

All BruVue subscriptions come with a risk-free 30-day trial!

Craft-Level Locations

Free sensors


12 month subscription

Enterprise Breweries

Free sensors


1 year subscription

Custom Quote

Custom quantity discounts available

Custom integrations

Dedicated customer support


Prepare to track and sell every single keg you brew. 

Ready to get started?