Red Circle Bar & Lanes



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"Draft sales have gone way up, could easily be because everything is being rung up now. It is the most draft we have ever done."

- Danny Kaliskewski, Red Circle Bar Manager




"We are getting rid of a few beers once the kegs go because they are not moving. Because of BruVue I can tell how fast our kegs move. We are replacing them with higher volume beers and seasonal beers that we can sell quicker. Before [BruVue], we would have continued ordering the same slow moving beers." 

Danny Kaliskewski, Manager of Red Circle Bar and Lanes in Parma, Ohio has been using BruVue for about 3 months in his 8 tap bar. He has been able to use BruVue for purchasing, inventory, and accounting.

Thanks to BruVue he can take inventory while not having to be on location. 

"We only hold 8 kegs so it (inventory) is not super time consuming but it helps if I am not there and I have to make orders. I don't have to call a bartender to run downstairs and shake a keg and tell me how much I have:' 

He also uses BruVue for accounting purposes because he can track how much was poured from each keg and match it to the amount of beers paid for. This allows him to curb loss and theft.

Thanks to BruVue, Danny can more accurately manage his keg inventory, account for loss and theft, and make smarter, more profitable purchasing.