How does BruVue work? 

The sensors easily drop on your draft faucets and record pour events every time the tap handle is pulled open. The system calculates how many ounces are poured from every pull event. After each pull of the handle, data is collected and sent to your dashboard in real-time.

How can BruVue track poured beers versus sold beers? 

Inside the dashboard, every ounce poured is time stamped and can be viewed in real-time, by hour, shift or day. Simply take the total ounces poured for a specific period and compare it with your POS report.

How accurate is the system?

Our algorithm predicts keg volume within 4% of actual.

What happens when I get my lines cleaned?

Sensors automatically fall asleep when removed from your faucets during line cleaning.

Do the sensors work on a nitro tap?

Yes, as long as you have a nitro faucet with the ability to change the tap handle.

Can BruVue accommodate for split lines?

Yes, this can be set up in the dashboard.

Can BruVue accommodate kegs in series?

Yes, this can be set up in the dashboard.

How long will the batteries last?

Battery life is over 1 year. The life of the battery is viewable inside the dashboard and batteries can be changed when needed. 

What happens if a bartender takes the sensor off the faucet?

Once the sensors are removed from the faucets they will automatically shut down. The online status of each sensor can be viewed inside the dashboard.

Can BruVue help detect foaming?

Yes, one can easily see foaming patterns inside the dashboard.

Can I access the dashboard on any device?

Yes, it's available in both a desktop version and a mobile application on iOS and Android. 

Digital Menu?

Yes, we provide an ASUS Chromebit for your first TV.

Is there a support team available if I have further questions?

Yes, please contact us at with any inquiries.