BruVue sensors provide a complete solution for your beer data, from inventory tracking to brand performance to equipment health monitoring.


Enterprise-wide monitoring

“Seeing foamy taps enabled us to know what equipment needed upgrading before next season.”

-Beverage Director, Minor League Baseball Stadium

Unbelievable insights

"I've built better relationships with my accounts by providing essential data. Now we are both making more money!"

-VP Sales, Craft Distributor of Ohio

No more down time!

"I'm able to make sure I convert my kegs to increase my sales before my competitor steals that beer line"

-Sales Rep, 17th Star


With so many locations, kiosks and taps to keep track of, managing inventory seems impossible.

BruVue puts data right at your fingertips, in real-time.


BruVue keeps track of inventory and brew performance, automatically.

A bird eye's view of everything that matters.


Save time. Reduce costs. Optimize your product lineup.

How does BruVue work?


The BruVue Sensors

Each BruVue sensor drops onto any tap seamlessly. Each sensor provides real-time keg levels and the data you need to manage your beer on every tap at every location.

Optimize revenue - Track product trends and make data driven decisions to maximize revenue

Reduce down time - Our sensitive, patent-pending technology enables real-time inventory tracking of keg levels

Reduce injury - Track inventory in real-time, eliminating the need for staff to lift and weigh heavy kegs

Eliminate theft & counting cups- Stop theft of unsold beer by matching actual pours with paid pours and put an end to cup counting

Eliminate waste - Detect foaming at the taps to stop waste quickly

Minimize waiting - Real-time inventory puts an end to the unforeseen kicked keg

Risk-free investment - No need to purchase bulky scales or expensive flow meters; simply pay by the season


The BruVue App

Start tracking data immediately from your mobile device or laptop. Tracking inventory is as easy as tapping a button.

Manage multiple locations from app - Get real-time keg levels anywhere at any time

Expedite order sheets - Real-time inventory of all in-stock kegs allow you to know exactly what you need to order

Set the perfect lineup - Personalized reports give insight into your most popular brews

Displays on your TVs - Allow the patrons of your bars served to join in the fun with current keg-levels and availability


Empower your locations with BruVue and take control of your product lineup.

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